Meet Our Team

Meet The “G” Team

Dr. Guelff realizes that your orthodontic experience can only be as good as the people he surrounds himself with in the office. Therefore, he’s put together a fun, energetic and talented “G” team with more than 100 years of combined orthodontic experience. His dedicated team is fully cross-trained, orthodontic certified and CPR certified. Our team promises to treat everyone that comes into our office as a family member – with love, courtesy and respect. Each team member reflects the core values of our practice, and has the power to make things right for any guest at any time.

The “G” team is committed to creating a comfortable and stress-free experience with every office visit. We are dedicated professionals – devoted to our patients and our community. Our team is always available to answer any questions, make a cup of coffee, or just chat for a few minutes. We are proud of the beautiful smiles we create, changing lives in the process.

Come and experience the “G” team difference!


DeniseNew Patient & Scheduling Coordinator/Financial Coordinator/Certified Orthodontic Assistant…and more!

Denise has been with Dr Guellf since 2002. Born in Ft. Lauderdale, Denise has a son, James, who is in college, and a dog named Izzie.

Denise loves bowling & shopping, and dreams of traveling around the world someday. When not shopping or bowling, she enjoys relaxing rides in her golf cart with Izzie.

Denise is proud of the great smiles that the entire Guelff team gives their patients. She loves meeting and welcoming new patients to the practice, and making her team members laugh.

  • Favorite food: Seafood
  • Favorite movie: The Notebook
  • Favorite vacation spot: Hawaii
  • What makes me laugh: My team members, my son and my dog

Angela “Angie”

AngieCertified Orthodontic Assistant/Records Coordinator

Angie is a Certified Orthodontic Assistant, and has been with Dr. Guelff since 2012.

A Sebring native, Angie has two teenaged children, Layne and Megan, and Rocky, the family dog. Bowling, camping and “mudding” are Angie’s recreational passions.

Angie’s caring for people is what she feels is her most special quality, and her favorite part of her job is seeing the kids happy with their new smiles.

  • What makes me smile: My kids
  • Favorite sports team: FSU – “How did Dr. G let this happen?”
  • One word that describes me: Caring
  • Favorite quote: “Treat others as you want to be treated”

Davina  “D”

DavinaCertified Orthodontic Assistant/Lab Supervisor

Born in California, Davina was raised in Sebring. Davina received her orthodontic assistant certification in 1987, and has been with Dr. Guelff’s practice since 1996. She has three sons, Patrick, Dominic and Victor. She has one dog named Bodie and one kitten that was bottle-fed.

“D” plays the trumpet, and loves bowling and doing arts projects.

Davina remembers wearing braces in the 70’s with “the old, ugly bands around my teeth.” Her special gift is her drive to complete projects without needing to be in the limelight.

She is the Program Director and advisor to the board for Dr. Guelff’s Smile For a Lifetime program. Davina is most proud of working for a doctor who cares, and truly loves making the patients smile.

  • Favorite vacation spot: Anywhere with clear blue water
  • Transforming a smile to me is… Amazing
  • What energizes me: Being passionate about things
  • What make me laugh: My co-workers

Janet  “Jan”

JanetCertified Dental Assistant/Clinical Supervisor

Janet has worked full time while attending college at South Florida State College, where she got her AA degree in 2006. Janet has been with Dr. G since graduating, and has continually expanded her education and responsibilities.

Janet was born in Avon Park and raised in Frostproof. Janet has a son, Jesse, a dog, Kilo, and cat, Bolee. Shopping, relaxing and spending quality time with her family are what makes her the happiest.

Janet wore braces in the past and is very happy that she did – she loves her smile! She hopes to graduate from the Dental Hygiene program at SFSC in 2016.

Enthusiastic about all aspects of her job, Janet is bilingual and her favorite part of the job is helping patients that don’t speak English, and seeing patients’ new smiles.

  • Favorite food: Frozen yogurt with fruit
  • Transforming a smile to me is… Life changing
  • One word that describes me: Sweet
  • Most people don’t know, but I: Love purses and shopping onlline

Azucena  “Suzie”

CSuzieertified Orthodontic Assistant/Purchasing Supervisor

Suzie is a graduate of the South Florida State College Dental Assisting program. She is DANB certified in Radiology as well as being a certified orthodontic assistant, and has been with Dr. Guelff since 2013.

Raised in Lake Placid, Suzie has two dogs – Lucky and Minnie, enjoys reading and watching movies, and loves taking care of her garden.

Suzie is currently in Invisalign® and looking forward to a beautiful smile and straight teeth.

Suzie is bilingual and considers her helpfulness and drive to do her very best her greatest assets. Her favorite part of being part of the team is getting to see the excitement and satisfaction in the patients when they get their beautiful new smiles

  • What makes me smile: My little sister and seeing how fast she learns
  • Transforming a smile to me is… Life changing
  • One word that describes me: Happy
  • What energizes me: Waking up early and getting things done


AshleighCertified Orthodontic Assistant/Retainer Artist/Invisalign® Supervisor

Born in Dallas, Ashleigh claims Corsicana, Texas as her home town. She has been with Dr. Guelff since 2005.

She has three children, Macy, Colby and Breanna, and four dogs, Munchkin, Elsie, Bear and Zeus. Ashleigh loves to bowl, and hopes to travel and own her own home in the future.

Multitasking is Ashleigh’s special skill, and she loves the laid back atmosphere of the office, and enjoys how the entire team works together to make everyone feel special and comfortable.

Ashleigh’s favorite part of the job is doing interesting and unique retainers, and she loves seeing the faces of her satisfied patients when they get them.

  • Favorite movie: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
  • Favorite vacation spot: Going home to Texas
  • Transforming a smile to me is… Giving someone more self-confidence
  • Most people don’t know, but I: Am funny


MarciCertified Orthodontic Assistant/Financial Coordinator

Marci has been with Dr. G since 1999.

Born in New York, Marci grew up in North Miami and has been in Highlands County since 1991. She has two sons, Scott and Adam, and a beautiful “senior” black lab, Sheeba. Four-wheeling and playing slot machines are some of Marci’s favorite pastimes.

Her favorite part of working with Dr. Guelff is interacting with the patients, and Marci believes her caring heart is what makes her special. She enjoys talking to a wide range of people, and helping them with a wide variety of issues.

Marci feels that the excellent training and development opportunities that Dr. Guelff offers, as well as the fact that everyone in his office is treated as family is what separates his practice from all the others.

  • Favorite movie: Grease
  • Transforming a smile to me is… Turning the frown upside down
  • Favorite sports team: Gators
  • One word that describes me: Outgoing

Kimberly  “Kimmi”

KimmiCertified Orthodontic Assistant/Insurance Specialist/Surgical Coordinator

Kimmi has been with Dr. G since 2002. Kimmi grew up in Avon Park, has a daughter, Makala and loves to travel.

She has had braces more than once in the past, and suggests that people “wear their retainers, because ‘shift’ happens”.

Her outgoing and fun personality is what Kimmi feels are her best qualities, and is proud of working with the “G Team” because of the excellent care everyone gives and Dr. Guelff’s commitment to going above and beyond in providing care to all his patients. Her favorite part of the work is interacting with her patients and their families.

  • Favorite vacation spot: Charleston, SC, Savannah, GA & Sanibel Island, FL
  • Transforming a smile to me is… A life-changing event
  • Favorite sports team: Miami Dolphins
  • What makes me laugh: Too many things to list – laughter is part of my daily routine



Having worked with Dr. Guelff since 2009, Cindy grew up in Brooklyn, NY, has attended college, received her real estate license, and is a notary public.

Cindy has five children – Ben, Paul, Simone, Chris and Tyffany. Her mini Dachsunds, Sasha and Oscar are her beloved pets and she enjoys cooking, baking and watching home improvement shows.

The level of professionalism and the caring, capable staff is what makes Cindy proud to be a part of the “G Team,” and she feels that her commitment to always be her absolute best – on the job and at home – is what makes her special. Helping and dealing with people is Cindy’s favorite part of her job.

  • Transforming a smile to me is… Personally & professionally life changing
  • Favorite sports team: NY Yankees – “Oh no, the Evil Empire!”
  • One word that describes me: Dependable
  • Most people don’t know, but I: Would love to ride in a hot-air balloon
  • What makes me laugh: My family, watching my pets play, and movies & old TV shows

Isabel  “Izzy”

IzzyCertified Orthodontic Assistant/Sterilization Supervisor

Izzy is Dr. Guelff’s newest team member. She is a graduate of Frostproof High School and South Florida State College. Izzy graduated as a CDA for the Dental Assisting program, and is currently pursuing her AA degree. She plans to attend school for Dental Hygiene in the future.

Izzy lives in Frostproof with her loving family and her donkey, “Kiko”. She enjoys spending her spare time shopping, reading novels and playing tennis.

Her favorite part of the job is having an amazing and caring boss who encourages his staff to strive for the best.

  • Favorite food: Spaghetti
  • Favorite movie: Pitch Perfect
  • What makes me laugh: My sister
  • One word that describes me: Friendly